Body by Design - Personal Training
                Design the body you want with moves you'll LOVE!

Have fun, feel good and live longer with MPOWER! a new dimension in fitness that motivates, maximizes and empowers you to get in shape simply and naturally without boring diets or back breaking exercise!
There is little doubt that a conscientious program of physical activity, especially aerobic exercise coupled with weight  training, radically improves the health and wellness of the exerciser. 

Individuals who maintain an active lifestyle look and feel better while adding years to their lives. People of all ages and sizes from children to elderly should be encouraged to exercise. It's never too late to begin!

MPOWER! is the perfect fit for any body, period.
Offered exclusively at Body by Design Training Studio, MPOWER! features an inventive system of training called The MPOWER! Movement Method, a universal method that's proven for decades that transforming your body is something everybody can do in a very short amount of time.

MPOWER!  leads you to the nth degree of physical fitness with a 30-minute, high octane workout that produces undeniable physical effects, quickly!  Unlike other gyms you'll learn the " training process" so you can be sure you will  stay in shape for the rest of your life

MPOWER! is guaranteed to lead you the "nth" degree of physical fitness and the achievement of your goals.

Welcome to the MPOWER! Movement!

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